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  • Ask Yourself These Questions If You Are Not Getting Job Offers, or Not Getting the Job Offers You Want

    In this podcast episode, Harrison delved deep into one of the most critical facets of job hunting, which impacts professionals from various backgrounds, from law students to seasoned attorneys. This presentation unveiled crucial insights into the challenges faced by job seekers and presented practical solutions to overcome these hurdles.

    Harrison's enthusiasm for aiding individuals in discovering their ideal career paths radiated throughout his discussion of the typical predicaments encountered by job seekers. He stressed that these issues are solvable and emphasized the importance of proactive measures.

    The podcast commenced with Harrison addressing the prevalence of professionals settling for positions they perceive as beneath their qualifications or needing help to secure interviews. He challenged the prevailing mindset that restricts job searches to a narrow focus, highlighting the abundant missed opportunities stemming from such a constrained approach.

    Harrison's strong advocacy for expanding one's job search horizons was a pivotal takeaway from the episode. He shared compelling data from BCG, his own company, which illuminated that 85% of placements occurred at firms that did not publicly advertise openings. This revelation underscored the potential for job seekers to achieve success by exploring diverse markets and firms rather than relying solely on publicly listed job vacancies.

    Harrison's core message was clear: job seekers must broaden their perspectives and adopt a more proactive stance to secure their desired roles. His podcast episode served as a compelling call to action, reminding listeners that they possess the agency to reshape their career trajectories and find fulfillment within the legal profession.

    Harrison's recent podcast episode offered priceless guidance to those grappling with their job searches. By challenging conventional wisdom and advocating for a more expansive approach, he empowered his audience to seize control of their careers and uncover satisfaction within law. The episode made a lasting impression and provided a roadmap for success within the fiercely competitive job market.

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  • Harrison Barnes Founder and CEO
    Harrison Barnes | DATED: 09-29-2023

    Always Be Willing to Readjust

    In this article, Harrison explains how nothing is permanent, everything faces a change at some point or another, and that everyone should possess the ability to readjust to the new situation. Your responsibilities and daily duties could end, businesses could end, and jobs could be lost without a reason or warning. You need to accept the fact that anything is possible and the comfort zone in which you might be in may just vanish one fine day. It is on such a situation that your ability to be flexible counts most. Learning new things, being with new colleagues, holding new responsibilities should be accepted very positively. Dramatic changes could occur in the job scenario, but you need to be ready for the change. You should never hold on to the past and constantly look towards the future. Change is natural and inevitable and Harrison believes that it should pave a path for progress and development.

    Harrison Barnes Founder and CEO

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  • BCG Attorney Search

    Mastering Your Law Firm Exit: Essential Strategies for Attorneys on the Move

    Leaving a law firm can be a crucial step in a lawyer's career. With an average tenure of 5.4 years for lawyers, it's not unusual to transition between firms, potentially working for up to eight different ones in a lifetime. Whether spurred by the pursuit of new opportunities, personal growth, or a desire for change, leaving a law firm necessitates a thoughtful and well-orchestrated approach. This article provides valuable insights and actionable tips for leaving a law firm the right way, with interesting facts and figures that will be particularly beneficial to law students and attorney job seekers.

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    From Fashion Runways to Legal Prowess: Lorraine D’Alessio's Unwavering Journey of Resilience & Success

    In a world where predictability often shapes professional trajectories, Lorraine D'Alessio stands as a testament to the extraordinary. Her narrative, characterized by defying norms and embracing resilience, paints the portrait of a woman whose journey is anything but ordinary. From gracing international fashion runways to becoming a renowned figure in the intricate corridors of immigration law, Lorraine's story is a vivid tapestry woven with threads of determination, passion, and unrelenting self-belief. With every challenge faced, whether battling personal adversities such as cancer or navigating the multifaceted realm of legal entrepreneurship, Lorraine has emerged not just as a survivor but as a beacon of inspiration. Her specialization in extraordinary ability visas and her advocacy for fair immigration policies have marked her as an influential trailblazer in the legal landscape. As we delve into her remarkable journey, Lorraine D'Alessio’s story promises to inspire, illuminating the path from adversity to achievement, from self-belief to unparalleled success.

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